Inspired by reggae, sound system culture and the myriad of musical styles influenced by Jamaican music old and new, The Lions’ sound is firmly placed in soul music. 

"All the guys in The Lions grew up on classic Jamaican records so since we began we have wanted to give our records that same edge and roughness that we grew up hearing on LPs by The Upsetters, Soul Syndicate, The Rockers Band and Roots Radics. The rhythm section was all recorded to tape, the Hammond buzzed a little, fuses blew and good mistakes were left in.  We basically made the dusty reggae soul LP WE have been wanting to hear for years." – Dan Ubick (producer)

God, I needed to hear this tonight. Still trying to find an mp3 of the original version of this song after hearing it on J Rocc’s awesome podcast from January (this is a ‘for me’ note: which just released its tracklist so I can finally track down some other songs on it). Love dub songs like this.

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